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McFadden's: Your NY Mets Opening Day Destination

It’s that beautiful time of the year once again. The NFL season is over, the NBA is in its second half of the season as we close in on March, and the MLB’s Spring Training is in full swing (pun intended), and Opening Weekend is right around the corner. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, baseball season is back which means that the greatest team in all of baseball is back as well, the New York Mets!

Yes, I said it. The New York Mets are the greatest team in baseball. Granted, the Metropolitans may only have two World Series rings under their belts, and they may have been the laughing stock of New York for a very long time, and they may have had a terrible 2016-2017 season marred by injury, but they are back, and they are healthy, and our star-studded line-up of superhero-like pitchers is roaring and ready to make a return to the World Series.

With that being said, we all know that it is still usually very cold in March and April, and sometimes sitting outside in 30-degree weather is not the ideal scenario for watching baseball. Honestly, sitting outside in 30-degree weather is not the ideal scenario for virtually anything, but baseball season starts in these early Spring months, and we as sports fans must cope.

So, the question is, “where should we watch the Mets on Opening Weekend?” The answer? BarCard Inc.’s favorite Mets-viewing destination, McFadden’s Ballpark Restaurant and Saloon!

A quick ride into Flushing Queens on the 7 train drops you off at one of the newer professional baseball stadiums built in recent memory, Citi Field. Of course you could always tailgate on the train over, or in the parking lot, but again, it’s cold out! Why not shack up in this T.V.-heavy, incredibly spacious, and heated establishment that’s connected to the stadium. What better way to enjoy some of that Opening Weekend, New York Met action, than with a bunch of fellow fans enjoying a plethora of craft beers and baseball, comfortably warm by the bar?

McFadden’s will undoubtedly supply you with all the action and adventure of being at the game, without all that cold weather that unfortunately accompanies it. If you’re like me, and you’re trying to enjoy some good times, with some good friends, and some great Mets, without all the discomfort of freezing your buns off, do yourself a favor, and go grab yourself a cold one at one of the best sports bars around.

575 Lexington Ave New York, NY 10022

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