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Where Are YOU Watching Super Bowl LIII?

As a native of the New York / New Jersey area, and a (unfortunately) lifelong Jets fan, I'm having a bit of trouble getting excited about this year's Super Bowl, featuring, yet again, Tom Brady and the GD New England Patriots.

If there's one glimpse of hope, it's that Sean McVay is leading a team of young, point-scoring, Championship-hungry troops, and Tom Brady is old as sh*t.

And that's about it.

However, in times like these, when your favorite team has spent the majority of your life consistently losing to the NFL's greatest Dynasty, and said Dynasty is on their way to yet another Super Bowl, there is always that special friend that can keep your spirits up, and convince you, if just for a second, that the Patriots will lose the Super Bowl.

That's right people. I'm talking about beer. (or liquor, whichever you prefer.). And luckily in New York City, that’s never too hard to find! Especially with the BarCard app being able to give you a list of all the best places to go and enjoy the big game!

If you’re still on the fence about your Super Bowl plans, and need some suggestions on where to enjoy the game, BarCard has a great list of places to go to order your drinks, eat your wings, and watch the demise of Tom Brady and the Pats (hopefully). Download the app now and check out the list of our venue partner's parties! More added every day!

Go Rams!

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