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WINTER BUZZ: How to Survive the Cold With These Winter Warming Cocktails

You can order a Maker’s on the rocks any time of year, but there’s something comforting about sipping a winter cocktail. Drinking seasonally has become one of the hottest trends in the past few years and the frigid months make for the perfect heart-warming drink. Most of these drinks and recipes you can already make out of your own liquor cabinet or can be easily substituted with some of the spirits you have on hand at home.

Winter Collins: Even though people usually match fruity cocktails with the hot summer months, some of the best booze-pairing fruits are actually seasonal in the winter. For example, the blood orange

and pomegranate are great substitutes for citrus fruits found in summer cocktails. For the winter Collins, you will be substituting the lemon juice with your seasonal blood orange or pomegranate juice. Use an once and half of vodka paired with a few ounces of juice and sparkling soda. If you’re in the mood for some extra holiday spice, add a half ounce of simple cinnamon syrup.

Milk and Honey Nightcap: Warm milk has been a pre-bed delight for generations, and during the winter months a little booze added to this bedtime staple makes for the perfect drink. The only ingredient you’ll need for this is Benedictine, which is the most common honey liquor in most homes. The key is to be patient with heating your milk as not to curdle it. And if the thought of warm milk in general makes your stomach curdle you can always enjoy this beverage cold.

Spiked Cocoa: No list of winter drinks would be complete without a steaming cup of hot cocoa. It

just so happens that this drink that we’ve been enjoying as a child provides the perfect for base for countless adult beverages as well. The secret here is mint and the liquor we recommend the most is crème de menth. Mix 2 ounces with 6 to 7 ounces of cocoa for a warm winter treat.

Tanqueray Almond: Some of the best drinks are the simplest as this has been a theme of this list. Gin brings out the piney scents and tastes of the season which makes up our main ingredient for this next winter cocktail. This elegant drink is similar to its bourbon whiskey equivalent, the old fashioned. Best way to make this drink is two ounces of your favorite gin, a splash of amaretto and bitters or sour mix if you have.

Frostbite: Who knew tequila could make for a drink that not only tastes like winter but looks the part as well! This blue, creamy concoction may be a little more complicated but when done right makes for a great drink you’ll be looking forward to next winter season. For this drink you’ll need your favorite tequila, with a half-ounce each of white crème de cacao, blue curacao, and simply crème. Mix together and you’ll never look at tequila the same, no lime or salt needed.

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